When It Comes to Fairy Tales, Mother Goose Has Nothing on the MTA

I know the president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association is a kindergarten teacher, but the fairy tales she is spinning this week in NEA Today would put Donald Trump to shame.

In a bizarre piece of fantasy presented to more than 3,000,000 NEA members nationwide, Merrie Najimy presents her epic victory over “evil” charter schools (that she loves to attack because her organization is too lazy to organize) in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Literally — the entire thing is fiction.

Not only did Alma del Mar get MORE SEATS (144 to be exact) than was originally negotiated under the proposed community agreement, interference from the MTA will actually end up costing the New Bedford Public Schools around $5 million, leaving less for her membership.

Uh … victory?

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And what’s this about parents and community members? Nah.

The only parents and community members we see getting involved in community campaigns and lawsuits seem to be those who are also being hired as “organizers” for the MTA or one of their many front groups. 

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And opposition on Beacon Hill (via procedural maneuver) came from a former MTA staffer State Representative Jim Hawkins who was elected via the union machine to represent Attleboro — NOT New Bedford.

And for our out-of-state readers, Attleboro is as we say in Massachusetts “like WICKED FAR from New Bedford.”

(Almost 50 miles. Not even close.)

Yet Najimy outright lies to millions of members of the NEA:

Every step of the way, said Najimy, the goal was to “throw sand into the gears, and we did. And it worked.”

It worked? How did it work exactly? Instead of adding 450 new seats, 594 charter seats were added in New Bedford. And an abandoned old school building continues to sit empty on a lot in the neighborhood. A neighborhood Merrie Najimy has never visited.

But Massachusetts Parents United did. Here’s video of NEA Today “hero” New Bedford “Save Our Schools” Coalition chair (and MTA member) Ricardo Rosa being read the riot act by actual New Bedford Public Schools parents in the neighborhood for lying to them:

It’s almost laughable how the National Educators Association, the American Federation for Teachers and the good old Massachusetts Teachers Association will characterize anything or anyone who operates without their explicit permission or refuses to carry their water as “dark” or “evil” while continuing to use their political capital to fortify the school to prison pipeline.

In order to be “light” or “good”, you must agree with anything that allows them to increase their revenue model, make it more difficult to hold them accountable for actually producing any kind of results or agree that anything that protects their political stranglehold on maintaining the same generationally institutionally racist system that benefits their membership directly. 

So sure, President Najimy threw some sand into the gears, but to what end? 

To continue fighting over a three year old ballot question about charter schools while making the district with the lowest high school graduation rate in the state the example of how educators are putting “students” first?

Yeah, right.

And victory? If you say so … 

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What do you think?

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