Massachusetts Parents United – Boston Unified Statement on the Boston Public Schools Superintendent Finalists

“We are thrilled that the committee has selected three candidates of color to lead the Boston Public Schools. Now comes the tough part.

Running the Boston Public Schools should not be a training ground for new superintendents. It’s concerning that we are not able to attract a seasoned superintendent with a track record of success in running another large urban district – especially given the enormous challenges regarding the achievement gap facing the district. We remain hopeful that the potential for fresh eyes on BPS will break down some of the entrenched bureaucracy that keeps the system from providing every child equitable access to the high-quality education we’ve promised them.

Given the incredibly political nature of the Boston superintendency, and its history of stifling those who attempt to disrupt things in need of disruption, collaborate or bring in innovative solutions – we truly hope that Marty Walsh is ready to give Boston’s next education leader the room needed to bring long overdue changes to the district.

Our last superintendent was not even given the power to hire his own chief of staff – let alone make real changes. Now is the time for the Mayor to step back and let the new superintendent be bold enough to get things done, do the right thing regardless of the political heat – and maybe even spend some of his incredible political capital on behalf of kids.

We are looking for an innovative superintendent who is willing to push past politics to make the tough choices needed to get the Boston Public Schools back on track. There are dozens of schools within the district that remain in critical condition – overlooked because of the success of the few who cater to middle-class and wealthy, white neighborhoods. We cannot turn a blind eye to the children of all races who are living in poverty and are chronically underserved by the City of Boston for another 50 years.

Boston faces a number of critical choices. From special education to transportation – to the cruel resource inequities and the lack of a real vocational and technical option in the city – the time for transformational change is now. So let’s give the children of Boston the transformational education leader they deserve and then get out of the way to let that leader do big things.”

~ Massachusetts Parents United – Boston Unified Chapters

Rodolfo Aguilar, Boston Parent Team Leader

(Representing the six neighborhood MPU chapters in the City of Boston)

Massachusetts Parents United is the largest parent advocacy group in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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