The Numbers Don’t Lie

Well, lookie here! Even though Alma del Mar has been under attack by a powerful, well-funded union campaign machine for months on end — parents in New Bedford are still signing up for the chance to get a seat in droves:

Alma del Mar Charter School held their enrollment lottery Wednesday night with more than 100 hopeful family, friends and children in attendance. The lottery, held for the 2019-2020 school year, attracted 748 applications – a 35 percent increase over last year’s application cycle.

Alma del Mar received 198 applications for 45 available seats for next year’s kindergarten cohort. The school also received 550 applications for grades 1-8, where there are currently no openings.

I mean, what’s WRONG with these parents? Why aren’t they listening to New Bedford City Councilor Hugh Dunn (D-MTA)?

He’s been canvassing the local neighborhood begging people not to support Alma del Mar!

Looks like you might need to work on the rap you’re using on the doors, Hugh.

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Parents in New Bedford don’t seem to be buying what you’re selling.


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