Big Labor in MA Endorses MORE Republicans While Clutching Their Pearls About Dem Loyalty

More whining — today in the Boston Herald — from the state’s powerful labor unions about a lack of loyalty that they expect from Democratic consulting firm “Dewey Square Group” because they have the audacity to represent the “No on 1” campaign against setting nursing staffing ratios in Massachusetts.

“It’s not just that they’re working for them, it’s the tactics they’ve employed,” said Massachusetts Nurses Association spokesman David Schildmeier. “They are the brains behind this whole deceitful campaign.”

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Yeah, of course it is. No shit, David.

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Of course Dewey Square plays dirty. Remember when Barbara Madeloni hired them to run an entire campaign to tell people across Massachusetts that their district schools would cease to exist if we added additional charter schools to meet parent demand for higher quality education?

(Save Our Public Schools? How about Save Our Kids From Our Failing Public Schools?)

Yeah, we knew that was all bullshit too.

By the way, for folks keeping score at home, the Massachusetts Nurses Association — who is SO INCREDIBLY HURT AND OFFENDED that a DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL FIRM could do such a thing to them, because YOU KNOW, DEMOCRATS has now joined the Massachusetts Teachers Association in endorsing Republican State Representative Tim Whelan in his bid for re-election down on Cape Cod.

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Wait, what?

So let’s get this straight.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association and SEIU Local 509 — are endorsing Republicans with viable Democratic candidates, but are bitching about a Democratic political firm for daring to take a stand contrary to the union agenda?

How does THAT work exactly?

And if you missed it last week, we reported about the BTU and AFL-CIO endorsements for the NRA All-Star, SNAP benefit snatching, trans-hater Republican State Senator Patrick O’Connor in his bid to keep his seat while being challenged by an amazing Democratic candidate — who is literally the perfect progressive candidate. 

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Unions are allowed to endorse anyone they want, Democrat or Republican — but Democrats are only allowed to carry water for the unions and all Democrats must pledge 100% support of the union agenda at all times or suffer their rath?

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How progressive.

By the way — you know who DOESN’T endorse Republican State Representative Tim Whelan? The actual MTA members who actually live in the district. And Whelan’s opponent? A strong progressive Democrat who actually works in higher education.

How sad is that? Educators in their own community strongly supporting the Democrat and the statewide union comes in and endorses a Republican over your own objections. Wow. Doesn’t sound very DEMOCRATIC, does it?

Labor has had a long run when it comes to having a strangle hold on the Democratic Party — but given the fact that rank-and-file union members won’t reliably back the endorsed candidate and the unions themselves have no loyalty to the Democratic Party, some of us are having a really hard time understanding why.

And though Big Labor seems to think that they are the litmus test for Democratic politics and progressivism — many of their policy positions are the antithesis of progress and are basically just calls to reinforce a broken, inequitable status quo to maintain a system mired in racism.  

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And again — this is incredibly funny to watch. The Massachusetts Teachers Association hired Dewey Square Group to employ the EXACT SAME DECEITFUL CAMPAIGN on behalf of the No On 2/Save Our Public Schools campaign in 2016 and continue to whine about the fact that someone else has now hired them to do the same damn thing in 2018.

This is what Dewey Square does. It’s why YOU hired them.

And for those of us who were forced to watch in horror while Dewey Square ran the same ridiculous tactics that blocked a campaign to bring opportunity gap killing charter schools to areas of the Commonwealth in desperate need, no — this doesn’t feel good.

Actually, it feels awful.

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Because what everyone tends to forget is the fact that this isn’t just some political game. There are actual children who will suffer — who will enter the school to prison pipeline, who will continue a cycle of poverty — because of lies, distortions and manipulations bought and paid for via a big fat check from the Massachusetts Teachers Association to the Dewey Square Group.

Remember: Unions don’t have permanent friends. They have permanent interests. And those interests revolve around growing membership and serving their members. They have a vested interest in maintaining a status quo that benefits them directly.

As a Democrat with a CAPITAL D and the mother of three little Latino boys I have a vested interest in disrupting that status quo — because if I don’t, it’s my children who will suffer.



What do you think?

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