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EduMom is now officially an award-winning blog. But if we’re being honest, that’s something we all knew in our hearts all along. EduMom is the bomb.

But seriously, EduMom is actually a blog that I started one night at about 11pm when I was working for another parent advocacy organization — run by a bunch of fancy rich white boys who didn’t have kids — who all told me it was a TERRIBLE IDEA. I should definitely not do it.

And now, here we are. Thousands of readers and a plan to launch EduMom 2.0 — because we’re just getting started over here. I’m so grateful for the people who read it, share it, cut and paste it into their little groups, send me tips, send me love notes, send me hate mail — all so we can have a REAL conversation about the issues we tend to dance around in education.

An accomplishment of this magnitude certainly merits a press release, but we decided to skip it. But speaking of press releases — we just heard the news that the Boston Herald just let their education beat reporter go.

Did anyone else find it strange that in Kathleen McKiernan’s announcement tweets were pretty much love note to the Massachusetts Teachers Union, the Boston Teachers Union and all the union-funded “advocacy” groups in Boston? I mean, it was almost a tearful goodbye …

Oh there’s more:

Your reporting made a real difference on behalf of the Boston Teachers Union — as  reported by Angela Cristiani, the political director of the BTU.

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I suppose there’s no surprise there. Kind of like when I appear on Radio Boston and Meghna Chakrabardi would introduce me as the “Walton Family-funded” head of Massachusetts Parents United alongside someone from Citizens for Public Schools — with no mention of the fact that CPS is fully backed and run by lobbyists for the Massachusetts Teachers Union.

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And what kind of special things did we create? 40% of Boston Public Schools are underperforming. The MCAS data released last week? DEVASTATING. And we have yet to see a reporter do a deep-dive REALLY challenging the Boston Public Schools’ spin since the release of those numbers — and their press release that was tantamount to Napoleon proudly proclaiming, “7,000 French Triumphantly Return from Waterloo!”

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Yes, I did go there.

Stay tuned to the AWARD-WINNING EduMom.


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