The City Council Resolution New Bedford REALLY Needs

MCAS data is out and EduMom is pouring over all of it to bring you the highlights. We’re going to start in New Bedford.

Apparently we made the New Bedford Educators Association BIG MAD with our recent analysis of the political stupidity happening in the Whaling City over the expansion of Alma del Mar Public Charter School. EduMom was up half the night crying about that.

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(Just kidding! EduMom was actually eating donuts. EduMom loves donuts!)

You’ll remember Alma del Mar, one of the highest performing in a city that has failed children for generations and now boasts the title of home to 4th most underperforming school district in the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is one of the few that actually gets it done for children in the city of New Bedford.

Which obviously means that it must be killed by any means necessary — because it undercuts the argument that “these kids just can’t learn” as an excuse for their abysmal failure to the community. And we can’t have that!

This week we also had an op-ed from the folks at Pioneer about the stupidity happening in New Bedford:

Meanwhile, the majority of New Bedford district students are relegated to schools that perform among the lowest 10 percent in the Commonwealth. Even Mayor Mitchell called the district “a mess.” The superintendent brought in to turn things around abruptly resigned a year ago, the state has expressed “systemic concerns” about the city’s schools and there have been rumors of state receivership.

When all else fails, defenders of the status quo claim charter schools “siphon money.” When a student chooses to attend a charter, funding follows him or her from the district. But more than 80 percent of New Bedford’s education budget comes from the Commonwealth, so local dollars wouldn’t be “lost” to the new charters.

(Full op-ed is here:

And you can hate on the “right-wing” boys at Pioneer all you want — but you know who listens to what THEY have to say? The business community. People who would potentially invest in New Bedford. Believe it.

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And you know who isn’t interested in investing in a community that can’t figure out how to get kids educated and actively tries to shut down innovative ideas that actually make achievement possible and therefore creates an educated workforce?


So what are the the Mayor of New Bedford and City Councilor Hugh “Luxury Loft” Dunn doing while ROME IS BURNING?

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Continuing their hate-campaign against one of the only schools actually giving kids a fighting chance at a future.

Adding fuel to the fire — hot off the presses — fresh MCAS data showing New Bedford is in BAD SHAPE.

Reviewing the New Bedford data today and reflecting on the nasty and ridiculous anti-Alma del Mar city council resolution that Councilor Dunn couldn’t manage to get passed (Because people in New Bedford LOVE Alma del Mar and the other city councilors aren’t stupid — there would be a RIOT) has inspired me to write a resolution of my own.

Perhaps this is one of the New Bedford City Councilors can take up on behalf of all the families currently being failed by NBPS (YOU KNOW, YOUR CONSTITUENTS?) instead of carrying water for the NBEA who is actively fighting to maintain the status-quo that is facilitating the failure of schools?



WHEREAS The newly released Commonwealth of Massachusetts MCAS data has revealed that New Bedford High School graduation rate is now 59.1% — once again declining from the previous year — and is now officially the second lowest graduation rate of any district in the state;

WHEREAS in 2011, New Bedford had the 5th lowest graduation rate of any district — and New Bedford High is now rated by the state in the bottom 5% of schools statewide;

WHEREAS New Bedford High School has been designated by the state as one of “the lowest performing and least improving” schools in the state in 2013 and this status remains 5 years later;

WHEREAS The New Bedford High School 10th Grade 2018 MCAS data shows that the ELA percentage of students passing is now the lowest in the state of any district and the Math percentage of passing is now the third lowest in the state of any district;

WHEREAS The Parents of New Bedford have been left with no other choice than to seek relief through publicly available options.

WHEREAS The Parents of New Bedford are sick and damn tired of the same lame excuses that have been given to them over and over again as to why the New Bedford Public Schools can’t seem to make it happen; have been forced to watch the ameteur-hour style railroading of a Superintendent who was made into a political piñata; and endure the Mayor of New Bedford spending hours penning an embarrassingly factually incorrect and opportunistic op-ed whining about how charter schools are make him feel bad because they are getting the job done when he can’t seem to muster the leadership or political courage to make change within the school district;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Mayor of the City of New Bedford, the New Bedford City Council and the New Bedford School Committee are hereby ordered to get their collective acts together and start focusing on fixing the district school system that has failed the citizens of New Bedford and stalled economic development in the region; instead of busting the chops of Alma Del Mar for having the audacity to actually get the job done for kids. And instead of fighting the school from expansion when it has a 500 student waiting list to get in, ACTIVELY SUPPORT Alma del Mar serve the children who are SEEKING RELIEF FROM A FAILING SYSTEM because that is WHAT IS BEST FOR CHILDREN, while asking Alma del Mar to help NBPS figure out how to get the damn schools back on track before we lose ANOTHER generation in the SouthCoast.


Holy crap, I am GOOD at writing resolutions.

Feel free to cut and paste this if needed. EduMom is proud to provide this public service free of charge.


What do you think?

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