A Front Row Seat to History

This has been an emotional week in our house.

Election Day is always a big event for us. As an at-large member of the Democratic State Committee, politics and civic engagement is a way of life for us and these boys have had a front row seat to campaigns from the very beginning. Literally.

(Me and Miles with Governor Patrick, right before he threw up all over Elizabeth Warren during her first race.)

Matthew is a BEAST on doors. And loves Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell.

David was still in my tummy when I met First Lady Michelle Obama — who was literally one of the only people I willingly allowed to rub my baby bump at seven months pregnant.

(Pregnant Mamas for Obama!)

Miles took his first steps at an Obama phone bank.

And has a soft spot for Senator Markey.

I even wore my foster daughter on my back as I delivered a speech at the Massachusetts Democratic State Convention.

Hey — a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

But today was something special. Today I got to bring my son with me to witness our friend Ayanna Pressley take a step forward in her leadership and onto the national stage.

You see, I had to bring him. I had to have him on stage so he could see it for himself. Because Ayanna is something special. Something different. Something amazing.

I need him to see black and brown folks in powerful leadership positions — I need him to see women of color stepping forward and leading. Stepping into their power. So he can imagine, aspire and dream.

When Ayanna told us we were going to Washington, he turned to me and said, “Mom are we really going to Washington? What day are we going?”

We are going in November. Ayanna is bringing us there. We know she was listening when we told her about the struggle of parents across Massachusetts — on issues ranging from immigration issues and threats from ICE putting our families in jeopardy to painful inequities in education that are leaving our children behind. She knows what’s at stake and she knows that Cora — and Miles — are watching.

At times it’s been painful to continue this fight in a world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States and everything seems so out of control — but in this storm she has been a source of inspiration and comfort.

Our children only learn what we teach them and there is no more effective way of teaching them than showing them first hand. Now more than ever, I need these three beautiful Latino boys to know that although we must struggle to make progress, the struggle can be beautiful and the progress is so very worth it.

And they are so very worth it.


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