Things Can Be Different: Thoughts From a New Father

By Ed Shoemaker, Deputy Director of Organizing, Massachusetts Parents United

Becoming a father has been a blessing.  Before my son was born just a month ago — I went on a long road trip to clear my mind on my motorcycle. I took some time to contemplate what I envision for my son.

I have no doubt that my son will go on to outshine his father. As I will protect and educate him. I am not worried that he will go without a meal, or without love.

 I am not worried that he will experience homelessness or foster care is I did. When tending to him becomes trying, I will patiently stand by him and lead him towards the straight path.  

What I worry about is systemic racism not being eradicated in his lifetime. My worry is that his beautiful life will in any way find itself scuffed by ugly realities that exist in the world.  

He came into this world as precious to me as he will forever remain — and I eagerly await what’s to come in his life. I know now that I have to double down on my efforts and bring every bit of my experience and commitment to combating systemic inequities can make all the difference in his life.

I know as parents together, growing our network of strong and passionate advocates through Massachusetts Parents United, we can build a better Commonwealth that will be his oyster.

What do you think?

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