Wealthy and White in Boston? Good news. Black and Brown families? Not so much.

Breaking News: Yet another study tells us that Boston Public Schools are failing Black and Latino children.

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Which of course should be a shock to absolutely NO ONE who has been actively paying attention. What a HOT MESS.

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From the Boston Globe:

The findings illustrate the sluggish progress Boston has made in the four decades since court-ordered busing began in closing the gap in educational opportunities: The city’s historically white neighborhoods still have a disproportionate share of high-quality schools while historically black neighborhoods, like Mattapan, have fewer options, even though they have higher density of students, the report found.

The report, released in the MIDDLE OF JULY, issued by Northeastern University can be read here, but here’s a snapshot:

One of the researchers’ primary findings is that geography largely determines access to quality schools. “If you don’t have quality throughout the city, you can’t offer equal access to quality,” said Daniel T. O’Brien, an associate professor in Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. O’Brien, a lead author on the report, co-directs the Boston Area Research Initiative at Northeastern, which conducted the evaluation.

Major problem. The “high quality” schools in Boston are all in the … WEALTHY, WHITE AREAS OF THE CITY.

And even though there are MORE KIDS in Mattapan, Dorchester and Roxbury, the parents have access to FEWER HIGH QUALITY BPS OPTIONS. But parents who live in WEALTHY, WHITE AREAS with LESS KIDS have access to MORE HIGH QUALITY BPS OPTIONS.

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Now familiar with how the hell we let this happen? Here’s how it works:

Under the system, approved by the School Committee in 2013 and implemented a year later, students are guaranteed at least six school choices of varying quality and any other schools within an approximately one-mile radius of their home. If there are not enough quality choices close to home, the algorithm will fill in the gap by adding choices that are further away.

*A system that was helped crafted by new interim BPS superintendent Laura Perille.

So if you are a parent of color, you pretty much have to be lucky enough to figure out how to live in the WEALTHY WHITE AREA OF BOSTON (which is not happening) or you have to hope your child gets into a school in one of those areas (which is not happening) if you have any hopes of equity in terms of quality of education for your child.

Or of course, get them into a CHARTER SCHOOL. But you know, we can’t have that.

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I mean, seriously. And we are wondering why parents of color are flocking to charters in DROVES in Boston? Wouldn’t YOU? 

And even if you DO manage to make one of those things happen, you either have to work 3 jobs or figure out how the hell you’re going to get your kid across town during morning and evening rush hour to make it work.

But don’t worry about any of this, the new interim superintendent will fix it. Just as soon as she gets her provisional superintendent license from the state.

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I’m sure everything will be just fine.



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