MPU Parent Spotlight: Chhunlay Heng of Lowell!

Chhunlay Heng, a 78 year old Lowell resident, has been an active member of Massachusetts Parents United since December of 2017. Originally from Cambodia and a proud father to 8 children, Chhunlay has spent his spare time learning English, volunteering for community organizations, and most importantly, working with his neighbors to bring to light critical issues affecting the wellbeing and advancement of many families in Lowell.

Chhunlay was first introduced to MPU through the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, a community organization that aims to improve the quality of life for Cambodian Americans in Lowell. Since then, Chhunlay has attended all MPU Chapter meetings in Lowell to learn more about advocacy and empowerment strategies – topics which he can now confidently apply to other areas of his life.

This month, Massachusetts Parents United is proud to recognize Chhunlay Heng for his outstanding contribution to the Lowell chapter. In Lowell, MPU has helped improve the communication of parents with academic institutions, advocated for Breakfast in the Classroom and promoted safety in streets to create an ideation space for eager parents to develop actionable solutions for recurring problems affecting the community.

Chhunlay’s participation during meetings has demonstrated that parents are desperate for change, and that with the adequate tools and support, they can instill long-term change to shape legislations that can better protect our children and families.

We thank you, Chhunlay, for your hard work and dedication! It is thanks to members like you, that MPU can continue growing and making a lasting impact.


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