Boston City Council: Priorities People

Today, the Boston City Council voted unanimously in favor of Docket 0592 — a resolution supporting the effort of charter school educators and staff to exercise their right to collective bargaining and the formation of unions.

(Watch the video on YouTube here. — begins at [1:10] in)

Why? I’d guess some good old fashioned political posturing right before the BTU election at City on a Hill coming up on April 23rd.

Councilor Annissa Essaibi George who introduced the resolution (after tweeting that it was about to happen) specifically named City on a Hill charter schools and then went on to promise that union membership would offer safe and productive work environments, agency to take leadership roles, teacher retention, better pay, and a transparent budget process. 

Councillor George called on city councilors to “join her in supporting this effort.”  

Councillors Zakim, O’Malley, Janey spoke in favor of the resolution — with Zakim using the opportunity to bring up issues about charter school reimbursement funding. Not sure how union organizing is going to help solve that issue, seeing how having teachers organized in every district school in Massachusetts hasn’t been able to fix THAT problem … but now that Zakim is running for statewide office, looks like the political games have begun.

Meanwhile, no resolution denouncing the fact that only 33 percent of eighth graders in Boston are proficient or higher in math or the declining performance of black students in Boston on both the fourth- and eighth-grade tests, including a five-point decline on the grade four reading test since 2015. 

But I guess there are more important things? Like organizing a couple of dozen teachers at a charter school.

What do you think?

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