MPU Voices: What Makes a Good Mother?

By: Kim Rivera MPU Springfield

Hey friends- I’m going to share a secret with you: I have magic powers! I normally use them to help people in my community because it’s rewarding and fun. But every so often I want to have a different kind of fun, so today I’m going to use my mystical powers and my trusty magic ball to create a good mother. Not as simple as baking a cake, but let’s see what we need to add to our creation.

First, I would say this good mother needs to have the right priorities because they have evolved. She needs to realize now that she has children her goals and dreams have changed to focus on those of her children. If she can help her babies realize their potential, it’s going to be a win-win for everyone in the family. She should look to create stability in their lives and build a solid foundation that will ensure a productive future for them. This can be done in part by focusing on education and safety, making sure they live in a safe household, helping them avoid trouble in the community and never settling for anything less than a world class education that prepares them for success.

Next, this momma needs to be tough. A good mother is not perfect because no one is, but she is not afraid to make mistakes and confront challenges that get in the way. A good mother will stand up to anyone or anything that tries to prevent success for the family, even if it means making painful sacrifices that may take years to pay off. A good mom recognizes the difference between an excellent quality of life and a bad one and wants her children to have the best, even if it means she must give up something for herself.

Now even though she wants her kids to have a good life, a good mother is okay with saying no to her children. You can’t always get what you want in life, and kids need to learn how to appreciate everything that comes their way. This mom knows that, and she is a good communicator. She is the head of the family and demands respect but is also humble and reciprocates love and integrity. A good mother will encourage her children to never give up but remind them that it is also okay to fall and cry. What matters most is that when they fall that they get back up and try again.

A good mother cares for people and will make sure that her children do the same. She wants her children to be well rounded people who have strong values that aren’t compromised by deceit or disingenuous actors that appear in their lives. She teaches her children to be authentic and remember where they came from, no matter how far they stray from home. In the pursuit of success and individuality, she hopes they retain the cultural traditions they learned while they create new ones of their own.

Lastly, a good mother will include everyone in family decisions and help create a team. She is not afraid to wear many hats at home or in her community; a teacher, police woman, doctor, disciplinarian, friend, sister, grandmother or even a “father figure” when she’s raising her kids on her own. She can do it all, and in her life, she will do it all.

I used my magic powers to create this mom- but I’m sure you already know so many moms just like her!



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