Our Next Commissioner

Massachusetts Parents United has been asked to submit questions and attend the interview hearing to select the next Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and we’re excited that parents have been invited to be an active part of the process. And despite some attempts to make the process into a political circus, we’re taking it seriously.

This position is critical to children and families across Massachusetts. This is a decision that could impact on our kids for generations. Mitchell Chester has left us with some really big shoes to fill.

We all need to be doing our due diligence to ensure that we are selecting the most qualified person possible who is ready to lead our education system forward in what is an incredibly difficult political climate in the Commonwealth. We need to ask tough questions. We need to get these folks on the record, articulating their vision and their plan to forge forward.
We are taking our role as the voice of parents very seriously as well, so we are taking this to our membership and talking with them about their priorities, what questions they’d like us to ask and who they would want to see as our next commissioner. Hosting tele-town halls and one-on-one meetings. We’re doing deep dives into their backgrounds and their track records so we make an informed decision on who we are going to support.
We all want someone who is ready to be brave and bold, to innovate and push forward so that our children are the most important part of the conversation. Someone who is ready to stand up and push past the politics and fight for kids in district schools, charter schools, parochial schools and kids who are homeschooled. We need real leadership to take our system to the next level.
We have an opportunity to do something meaningful and make a selection that will set us on the path toward a brighter future for our kids. Let’s take it seriously, be deliberate and make the best choice for our children. 

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