03 Moms from Nashville and Detroit on Why They Do The Hard Work of Education Advocacy

This week, we hear from two awesome moms who are warriors for parents of school kids in their respective cities.

Vesia Wilson-Hawkins is a blogger and parent in Nashville Tennessee. We discussed school choice, advocating for families, and making sure needs of all families are met. Her blog is called Volume and Light.

Bernita Bradley is a blogger and mom of two in Detroit, Michigan. We spoke with her about the issues going on in Detroit schools, and what needs to change with school staff and elected officials to make schools better for all kids. Bernita’s blog is called Detroit School Talk.

Episode Details:

  • How Keri and Erika have experienced the Education Post Blogger Summit [1:13]
  • Vesia Wilson-Hawkins, a warrior mom from Nashville, joins us on the podcast [5:18]
  • Why Vesia’s passion is advocating for families [6:20]
  • Why we have to meet parents where they are at and make sure their needs are heard and met [13:58]
  • Bernita Bradley joins us on the show [18:24]
  • Issues right now in Detroit schools [20:08]

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