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There’s a new education news publication in town. Schoolyard News!

Billing itself as a “independent parent-run news site for BPS families” the site is actually run by editor Alain Jehlen!

Alain is not independent, not a BPS parent — and frankly, doesn’t even live in Boston. But guess what? SURPRISE!

He *is* a former staffer for the National Educators Association!

And of course, par for the course with these folks who love to throw shade at education reform groups while disclosing NONE of their own funding sources — they don’t talk about where the funding comes from for the new endeavor, but let’s see what we can piece together.

Jehlen is a former long time staffer for the National Educators Association and is a board member for Citizens for Public Schools, which we discussed last week — is just another labor-sponsored community front group for the teachers union.

The majority of the “news articles” on the site are written by Jehlen, with a minor sprinkling of other voices.

And what does Jehlen do when not writing for “Schoolyard News” you ask?

He spams our neighborhood parent lists in Somerville to get unsuspecting folks to attend “community discussions” about killing testing and accountability in conjunction with our local teachers union.

(Oh, a community forum? How adorable. Funny how no one invited to this “community forum” is presents anything other than the long-standing union agenda against testing and accountability. Looks like attempted indoctrination to me!) 

Now, why is Alain Jehlen on our local community school parent listserv? I have no idea. I’m on the listserv because, you know, my child attended the school. Alain’s kids are grown up. 

And speaking of Alain’s family — some of you also might be familiar with Alain wife, Senator Pat Jehlen, one of the most regressive education policy legislators in the entire Massachusetts State Senate.

And in her spare time when she’s not drafting legislation to attempt to kill every charter school in the Commonwealth, Senator Jehlen also likes to get on the anti-testing train as well. She’s a leading contributor to the “Testing Campaign Planners” google group where she receives/shares all the anti-testing propaganda she’s pushing with union leaders so they can coordinate.

I mean, seriously? You are literally helping to plan the campaign to attempt to kill testing and accountability measures that make it possible to determine whether the schools in our state are actually doing the job of educating our children. That kind of coordination may or may not be legal — but it’s sure shady as hell from where I sit.

After all, I’m one of Pat’s constituents — isn’t she supposed to be listening and representing me? But then again, she does think anyone who has the audacity to challenge her on her stedfast refusal to support progressive education policy is just a big old bully.

But bullying and intimidation really isn’t my scene. I’d prefer just speaking truth to power.

(Here’s the head of the AFL-CIO after trying to bully EduMom at a meeting of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. In this photo, EduMom is reminding him that his own children, who lived in the Allston-Brighton section of Boston, did not attend the Boston Public Schools, but instead attended private schools. No shocker there.)

So what can we expect next from Schoolyard News? I’d check the BTU, MTA and NEA websites for a preview of news items to come …





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