Don’t Talk About It, Be About It


Massachusetts Parents United is an action oriented organization. We’re not trying to sit around and just think deep thoughts about building safer neighborhoods, securing affordable housing and ensuring every kid has access to the high quality education they deserve while wishing it would all just go away — there are plenty of folks who have done all that. We know what needs to happen, we’re here to get it done and move some mountains. Now.



After spending most of 2017 working on the neighborhood level building individual priorities on the community level, we convened hundreds of parents from across Massachusetts to vote on a statewide plan of action we like to call the Parent Action Agenda.

MPU Member leaders literally voted to ratify the Parent Action Agenda and our plan of work for the year.


Ok, great. So now what?

Now we get to work. With their agenda in hand, Massachusetts Parents United members quickly formed Mass Parent Action — a 501c4 organization focused on voter education around the Parent Action Agenda of Massachusetts Parents United. We sent our surveys to candidates running for public office and were pleased to receive more than 50 requests to participate in our process including an in-person interview.

After careful analysis and a vote of the parents, we are proud to release our Parent Honor Roll for 2017 in Boston and Springfield:


Plus some additional races the MPA members felt were important:

In Lynn:


In Chelsea:


And Lawrence:


And the candidates got pretty excited about it …


From here, we are actively educating our nearly 8,000 members who support the Parent Action Agenda and other parents in our community networks. We are knocking doors, making phone calls and screaming from the rooftops about those who stand with parents and put kids first.

(Oh, did you forget we have a big ‘ol posse?)

Without developing a strong political strategy and a powerful membership to ensure accountability, we can’t expect our voices to be heard. We are strong, we are united and we are fierce.

And we are fired up and ready to go!


What do you think?

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