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Here’s a couple of things we’re following this week:

In this week’s edition of “How the Department of Education Turns – Massachusetts Edition”, The American Federation of Teachers quits the Leading the Nation Education Celebration Steering Committee with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with all the drama and flare you can imagine.

Telling the group that there’s nothing to celebrate about education reform or the innovative approaches that have led Massachusetts to win and hold the title of #1 in the nation for education, AFT Rep Dan Murphy then informed the group that they would not attack efforts on the “local level” to celebrate education. Leaving the door wide open to whine in any upcoming media coverage of the statewide effort in the Boston Globe, of course.
(What’s the Leading the Nation Celebration? See the website about celebrating education reform and what it’s done for the Commonwealth at our website currently in development. We were actually developing it today. It’s going to be cool)
Murphy went on to lecture the rest of us about how we needed to have a “serious reckoning” about education in Massachusetts.

(Actual gif of EduMom in the meeting.)
I think they may have thought we were going to burst into tears and start crying or something. So the rest of the meeting, while we all continued with moving the plan forward, they seemed a little cranky. Not really sure why they stayed at all …

Also this week:
And then there’s this report, which came out last week in the Boston Globe — but has been pretty much virtually ignored:
You can probably guess how I’m feeling about this, but let me tell you anyway.
You’ll notice in this article that everyone and their mother comes out saying we’ve all got to do better and do everything we can to protect these children. We must take immediate action to address these situations and stop this from continuing to happen.
Except the teachers unions. Where is their strongly worded statement in this article? What gives?

What do you think?

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