MPU Statement on MCAS Results

“Today’s release of the statewide MCAS results may come as a surprise to some, but not to parents across the Commonwealth — especially families of color who attend many of the urban and gateway cities schools across the state.
These results are a powerful battle cry that equip us with the information we need to dig in to do the hard work of improving the quality of education our children receive in many troubled districts across Massachusetts. It’s time to get serious about taking immediate action to address the achievement gaps that plague many of the schools educating our Black and Latino children and stop burying our heads in the sand. We don’t have time to waste.
Every child in Massachusetts deserves access to a high quality education and these results give us the information we need to know to focus in on the children who need our help the most. Parents aren’t interested in petty bickering and philosophical arguments about whether we have the right to know where schools in crisis are. We simply want to see an immediate plan of action to correct the systems that are failing to give our children the education they have been promised and they deserve.
Now is the time to focus and get to work so we can start getting the job done for our children. In Boston. In Springfield. In Lynn. In Holyoke. No more excuses.”
Keri Rodrigues
Executive Director, Mom-In-Chief
Massachusetts Parents United
With more than 7,500 members, Massachusetts Parents United is the largest urban parent advocacy organization in the Commonwealth, harnessing the power of parents to advocate for safer neighborhoods, affordable housing and equitable access to high quality education.
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