New Gig for Dr. K

Hi EduMom Readers!
My name is Kerry Akashian (pronounced like a special occasion).

I live in Boston with my 6-year-old daughter, Fallon.
You will be hearing a lot more from me as the year progresses.
Let me start by saying thank you to Keri Rodrigues for inviting me to be on her team. 
Here are 3 work-related things that you might want to know about me:
1)     I am a strategy junkie. I love taking a look at systems, analyzing them, and proposing solutions to make systems run more smoothly. I hope to help Keri with this at MPU.
2)     I love templates, cheat sheets, checklists, and other resources that help parents, leaders, and organizations sound their best on paper. For example, do you need a list of great learning websites for kids? I have you covered. 
(Here’s one of my favorites!)

3)     I am so excited about my new position because Keri and I are able to solve our problems by using direct communication. In other organizations, I have at times been afraid to ask the tough questions and propose the inconvenient solutions. I know that Keri will welcome these conversations.
I have made it my life’s work to amplify the voices of people and communities who aren’t always heard. I cannot wait to continue this work.
(P.S.: We are incredibly lucky to welcome Dr. Kerry Akashian (Fallon’s Mom) to Massachusetts Parents United as the new Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development. 
At the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education she served as the primary liaison to 10 urban districts in Massachusetts and their community-based organizations to form partnerships, implement program objectives, and to identify potential funding sources; all this while supporting leaders from 10 urban districts in streamlining operations to implement educational policy, and examined, revised, and presented improvements to state educational policy.
Kerry holds a Ph.D. from Lesley University where she developed expertise in thoughtfully investigating policy issues, working with multiple stakeholders to review and draft plans, and resolving complex issues using cutting edge practices and principles. Born and raised in Lowell, Kerry is devoted to leveraging Massachusetts-born talent by unleashing potential in underserved communities. Her substantive experience in government relations, policy analysis, and strategically cultivating internal and external alliances to support moving policy priorities forward is an asset to MPU.
You thought we were amazing before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!)
What do you think?

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