Good School Hunting Nails It …

Just swinging by quickly to give some props to my dear friend Erika Sanzi from Good School Hunting who has a killer blog today — taking a well-deserved victory lap for surviving the summer with three boys.
Not going to lie. I also feel like I’ve been through a war. This single Mom stuff ain’t for the faint of heart. Neither is back to school shopping. What did I do the day after the Massachusetts Parents United Convention? THERE’S NO REST IN THIS HOUSE.

I’ve spent $456 on back to school supplies so far. About $75 of that was just on underwear for the butts of little boys. What’s wrong with their current underwear? Nothing really. But back to school means everything has to be brand new.

 Did I mention socks? I seriously just bought $57 in socks. All of which will be worn exactly once and promptly lost forever.
But gosh, they are awfully cute. I guess we’ll be back at Walmart again next month …
What do you think?

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