Massachusetts Parents United – On the Move

I often describe Massachusetts Parents United as the "charter school" of parent advocacy organizations. Yes, we do things a little differently. We might be a little unconventional and think outside the box. But we get real results and MPU works. 
MPU is a union of parents and over the past year thousands of parents have joined — 6,687 in fact.
2,210 have signed on as parent leaders willing to step up and help build our organization. 

That’s a lot of parents. And to make real change in communities, in our politics and our schools, you need an army of folks ready to work. Having a couple of dozen parents doesn’t get anything real done. 
So what is Massachusetts Parents United?
Here’s our fancy paragraph:
"With more than 6,500 members, Massachusetts Parents United is the largest urban parent advocacy organization in the Commonwealth, harnessing the power of parents to advocate for safer neighborhoods, affordable housing and equitable access to high quality education. Within it’s first year, MPU emerged as the independent and authentic voice of parents across Massachusetts by establishing a powerful statewide parent-led organization with chapters in East Boston, Dorchester, Lawrence, Lowell and Springfield with plans to expand to Fall River, Lynn and Holyoke in 2018."
The bottom line: Whether it’s during our in-person meetings or online, Massachusetts Parents United is building an incredibly powerful union of parents who are ready to get real and get involved with changing their neighborhoods and their schools for their kids.
How did you get to 6,500 members?
You don’t send a plumber to fix the roof. We let parents organize parents organically and have authentic conversations about what’s important to them. It’s pretty simple. We send our parent leaders and organizers to actively canvass and engage parents in their neighborhoods, at schools, at baseball diamonds and bodegas. We don’t parachute into a community with a pre-baked agenda and tell folks what they should care about. Parents set the agenda. We give them a safe space to join the conversation.

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