Silver Hill Update: Just Three Days Away

As folks know, we’re monitoring the brewing situation over the renewal of the Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School in Haverhill very closely — watching to see whether elected officials and advocates will side with the wishes of parents and educators of Silver Hill in renewing this high successful school or succumb to pressure from the local teacher’s union and the Massachusetts Teachers Association who want to "make an example" out flexing their political muscle based on nothing but raw politics.
From the literature being passed out by Silver Hill parents it’s clear that the MTA is running an aggressive scare campaign to motivate teachers across the district to vote no on recommending a renewal of the charter.

Yep, you heard right folks. For some reason, teachers who don’t teach at the Silver Hill and most of whom don’t even live in Haverhill or have kids in the Haverhill Public Schools get to decide whether a school that is loved by parents and the community for being saved by charter school intervention will remain open.
Why? Because the unions say so. 
Parents have had ENOUGH. They don’t want to go back to the days when Silver Hill couldn’t teach kids how to read. When kids left unable to reach even close to grade level in math. Most importantly — they want to be in charge of where their children go to school. Not be told by some teacher across town that got a bunch of emails and junk mail from the MTA to vote no because of Barbara Madeloni’s personal vendetta on charter schools.
The President of the MTA doesn’t understand why parent input and choice is important because she isn’t one. It’s easy to gamble with other people’s lives for some perceived "justice" when you don’t have skin in the game. It’s harsh, but it’s also hard truth. Pretty easy to tell parents to "sacrifice" their children at the altar of what some union lady thinks is the greater good when it’s not your sacrifice. 
Parents? Who cares what they want?
You should. Most people won’t care about little Silver Hill until the chickens come down to roost in their own neighborhoods. You may not even realize that the school your child attends in your local neighborhood is a Horace Mann. Oh, you love it? Too bad. It works for your kids? Tough. Your children are now pawns lost in a political game being played by the MTA to score some political victory. 
Will Barbara Madeloni stand on the steps of Silver Hill following her victory crowing about snatching a school back from finally serving children in Haverhill to creep back into the ooze of failure — in the name of some perverted view of so-called "justice"?
What do you think?

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