The Battle for Silver Hill

It’s official. The cheese has finally slipped off Barbara Madeloni’s cracker.
Last week the Boston Globe wrote about the growing insanity of the Massachusetts Teachers Association — referencing their inability to demonstrate any class in recognizing the Massachusetts/National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee — and also there was this:
Yesterday I received this email:
Ms. Keri Rodrigues Lorenzo,
As I am hoping you are aware, our diverse, Massachusetts public charter elementary, an amazing turnaround success story with supportive union teachers, is being attacked by very same local union leadership, and state teachers union… best explained in two minutes by WGBH’s Jim Braude:
…based on this Boston Globe editorial:
96% of Silver Hills own union teachers have voted  in support of charter renewal, in the face of opposition by their very own union leadership at Haverhill Education Association (HEA), and statewide Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA).
The HEA has scheduled their district wide "vote" of renewal support for June 15. Until then, we as Silver Hill parents continue to bring awareness to how our children are being used as pawns in the MTAs seemingly political and war on charters and choice in Massachusetts.
***** ***** 
Haverhill, MA
Parent of two current Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School Students
It is difficult for me to articulate the level of absolute rage I feel at the unmitigated gall displayed by the Massachusetts Teachers Association here.

Upon talking with several of the Silver Hill parents — they are at a loss. They simply cannot believe that the decision as to whether a school they fully support and want to continue is now left to people who have absolutely nothing to do with their children — and frankly, many teachers who don’t even live in Haverhill.
Let’s be clear:
The Parents of Silver Hill want to keep their school.
The Teachers of Silver Hill want to keep their school.
But now the decision lies with a “district-wide” vote of educators across Haverhill — under intense pressure from their local union as well as the Massachusetts Teachers Association — as to whether or not the school remains open.
So a high performing, level 1 school that is getting outstanding results for students and is loved by parents and the community is threatened with closure … WHY exactly?
Because of Barbara Madeloni "doesn’t LIKE" charter schools.
You see parents, it doesn’t matter what you want. And frankly, it doesn’t matter if the school is doing well. It matters what Barbara Madeloni and her minions think is best for their union. Not about what works best for our children, but what makes the MTA more powerful. This entire issue around charter schools — Commonwealth or Horace Mann — has never been about children and their best interests. It’s all about adults — what’s best for their clique.
Today we ask elected officials in Haverhill:
Are you going to allow MTA to hurt children in your district?
Are you going to allow them to bully parents and families — your constituents — to advance their vendetta?
Are you going to stand with the children of Silver Hill? Or the union of Beacon Hill?
This issue is black and white. You either stand with parents of Silver Hill or you don’t.
We’re watching. And we’ll be calling. 

What do you think?

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