BLS: Boston’s Pride? Or Boston’s Shame?

Surprise! The majority of kids who get into Boston Latin are white!
Everyone is just gobsmacked by this revelation?
(Where are the Latino groups in all of this? Latinos are the largest group of children within BPS. We need to start being an active part of this conversation!)
According to the report, the percentage of black and Latino 6th- and 8th-graders invited to attend BLS next year is more than two-and-a-half times lower than the district-wide enrollment rate at city public schools.
“The city has long held out exam schools as a means of upward mobility for children of all backgrounds,” said Matt Cregor of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice. “The new admissions data make it very hard to stake that claim, especially at Boston Latin.”
This is no surprise. Is ANYONE surprised by this?
According to the report, black students make up 11 percent of BLS invitees for next year — an increase over the 8 percent of black students currently enrolled at the school. Latino students, meanwhile, make up 16 percent of BLS invitees for next year, up from 12 percent. White students — which represent 14.2 percent of BPS student body — will make up 46.9 percent of the BLS population next year, down from 47.4 percent. Asian students will make up 26 percent of BLS invitees for next year — down from 29 percent.
White children make up just 14% of the population of BPS.
African-american children make up 31.8% of students.
Latino children are 41.9% of the population of BPS.
Why is this happening? Because Latino and African American children are stuck in failing schools in neighborhoods across the City of Boston from their days in Pre-K. Period. Look at the FACTS: 

And this is only ONE example — Dorchester. The story is the same in neighborhoods across the city.
Kim says it perfectly right here:
There ARE schools in Boston who know how to reach our black and brown children.
But we close the door to collaborating with them because of petty political turf wars.
When is enough going to be enough?
What do you think?

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